About the Blog

River Publishers focuses on publishing excellence in research and development in the domain of Cyber Security. The number of academic articles getting published internationally in this field has been growing for several years now, as have the citations. Such publications are generally speaking technical and scientific in nature, and the readership is therefore somewhat focussed on academics and professionals. As issues related to Cyber Security are affecting the general global society, we feel it is useful and even necessary that the experts from the field of Cyber Security and Mobility should also have a platform to provide opinion pieces and commentary on the latest events in this area, in a language which allows the general public to participate and learn.
These publications are opinion pieces and blogs:

  1. Which will initially be published twice a month.
  2. The blog needs to be topical and commentary about a latest event or on a relevant topic.
  3. The language needs to be such that the non-technical readers can understand.
  • Anand R. Prasad (NEC)

Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility
Ashutosh Dutta, Ruby Lee, Neeli R. Prasad,

Journal of ICT Standardization
Anand R. Prasad

Convergence Security
Kuinam J. Kim