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The real danger of insecure IoT devices

Aug 25, 2018posted by Patrick Boch, Akquinet, Germany Comments

Security for the Internet of things will be an increasing problem in the next few years and should be treated accordingly. The danger of insecure smart devices will affect individual people less, but the misuse of large number of devices for creating botnets will be a rising danger to economy as a whole. .. more

Key Points of 5G Security

Jul 01, 2018posted by Anand R. Prasad, NEC Corporation Comments

5G Phase 1 brings several enhancements to 4G security. Some of the key points are summarized in this short article. Details of the 5G Phase 1 specification including security aspects will be published in the Journal of ICT Standardization this month... more

IoT in home

Nov 03, 2017posted by Sander de Kievit and Andre Smulders , TNO, the Netherlands Comments

In order to make our lifes more comfortable, we will connect more and more IoT devices in our houses to the internet with the intention of making our lives easier and more comfortable... more

Cloud Security for Everyone

Aug 29, 2017posted by Edward Amoroso, Founder and CEO of TAG Cyber Comments

In this brief article, cloud security is explained for everyday individuals with no technical or security background... more

Cyber Security Threats - Past|Present|Future

Aug 22, 2017posted by Jeevarathinam Ravikumar, Aarhus University, Denmark Comments

The world is being digitised at an accelerated pace. Technology adaptation and automation have become the new normal due to cloud computing, high speed processing, being mobile everywhere etc. This article discusses about the impact of cyber security threats over the technology evolution that has been accelerating for the past decades... more

Maintaining Security Levels in the new Enterprise World

Jul 31, 2017posted by Matt Hurst, Sonus, United Kingdom Comments

As more and more Enterprises strive to provide the right tools and working environment for their employees, it's critical to think about what additional security challenges this will bring - and how a new approach to Enterprise collaboration also brings with it the need for a new approach to Enterprise security... more

Can you normalize the light in your office room? or: Why the fight against information hiding must be put onto a broader footing

Jan 15, 2017posted by Jörg Keller, FernUniversität, 58084 Hagen, Germany Comments

Information hiding denotes the placement of secret information within innocent information, to hide the very existence of secret communication.. more

Nature as an inspiration for the next-generation network defences

Dec 25, 2016posted by 'Prof. Wojciech Mazurczyk, Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland & FernUniversitaet in Hagen, Germany Comments

The growing number, complexity, and diversity of network attacks as well as sophistication of modern malicious software and tools used for this purpose urge the security community to seek for other, promising directions which cybersecurity research and development should follow. .. more

Securing the Connected Vehicle

Nov 19, 2016posted by Dr. Anand R. Prasad., Chief Advanced Technologist, Executive Specialist, NEC Corporation Fellow IET and IETE, CISSP Comments

There has been widespread discussion about connected vehicle security, enough material on this is available on the web. Attacks on vehicle.. more

Bank Heister Returns - Cyber, SWIFT tricker

Oct 06, 2016posted by Mayur Dave, Independent telecom research professional Comments

Years ago, we have had incidents of bank robberies. And in the recent months, we still have incidents of bank robberies. Back then it was an act of physical storming into the bank premises, masked gangs and the ensuing crime... more

IoT Security: The Improvement-Decelerating 'Cycle of Blame'

Sep 20, 2016posted by Steffen Wendzel1,2 and Saffija Kasem-Madani3
1Worms University of Applied Sciences, Germany | 2 Fraunhofer FKIE | 3 University of Bonn

Daily, researchers and professionals publish new attacks on IoT products, be it smart homes, factories, wearables or healthcare equipment. .. more

Fixing the Broken State of Mobile Security

Sep 06, 2016posted by William Chow, CTO & Founder, Mobolize Comments

We are at an inflection point in how users view mobile security. Firesheep and Stagefright are just the latest wake-up calls that point to a future that is looking a lot like the dangerous old PC days. .. more

Cyber Security vs Quarterly Profit

Aug 20, 2016posted by Christopher Murphy, Founder, Visionary and Innovator Cyber Safety Harbor, USA Comments

The current business environment is more focused on this quarter's P&L than the possibility of next quarter's cyber disaster. In addition, the "Channel Partner" mentality of the corporate environment exacerbates the problem. .. more

Why SAP Security matters?

Aug 05, 2016posted by Patrick Boch, Virtual Forge, Germany Comments

The growing importance of Cyber Security has become evident recently by the increasing number of media reports of high-profile breaches and data theft. Understandably, the actual source of those breaches is usually not revealed. .. more

End-to-End and Network-wide Attack Defense Solution -Overhaul Carrier Network Security

Jul 18, 2016posted by Fabian FU, Fixed Network Security Principal Architect of Huawei Technologies, China Comments

The increasing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, particularly web session attacks, may overwhelm existing attack detection and cleaning capacity of customers... more

Cyber Security

Jun 30, 2016posted by Dr. Anand R. Prasad, NEC Corporation, Japan Comments

This article was supposed to be the first one to lay grounds on the purpose of this blog. Already we had a few very valuable articles published in the meantime but still, allow me to present you with some background and basic thoughts... more

Beware - Ransomware!

Jun 15, 2016posted by Mayur Dave, Independent telecom research professional, India Comments

Alongside advancements in information and communication network technologies, there are parallel, adversely impacting 'advancements' on evolving forms and styles of threats to information and communication networks... more

Internet of Things and Security

Jun 01, 2016posted by Bengt Sahlin, Section Manager, Networking Security at Nomadiclab, Ericsson Research in Finland Comments

An increasing number of "things" are being connected today, and we are heading towards a world where everything that benefits from being connected will be connected... more

The Fight to Attain Cyber Supremacy in Corporate Networks

May 16, 2016posted by Dave Palmer, Director of Technology, Darktrace, UK Comments

In 2003, a self-replicating sentient programme was causing mass mayhem. It successfully overwrote core programmes within a global network and almost achieved complete control... more

The impact of open source on mobile security research

May 04, 2016posted by Roger Piqueras Jover, Wireless Security Research Scientist - Bloomberg L.P. USA Comments

It was a problem already known by the technical community. But when, back in 2010, Karsten Nohl and Sylvain Munaut demonstrated at the 27th Chaos... more